Mission Of The Department
Our mission in the School Counseling Office is to provide a safe and open environment for discussion and processing of social emotional, family and academic issues. We provide immediate, short and long term care and intervention for a variety of social emotional, and academic needs.

*We believe that communication and consistency are the keys to success.*

Cluster Assignments

Please click on our names below to visit our websites. There are many wonderful resources as well as our contact information.

Susan Connelly - 
7 Blue & 7 Red

Tanya Hague-Doehr  - 7 Orange & 7 Green

Tina Broccolo -  8 Blue & 8 Red

Leanne Fuccillo -   Purple &  Green 

Counseling Office Secretaries: Susan Small & Stacey Premus 


What does a Counselor do?
Counselors go into classrooms throughout the year to deliver counseling lessons on a variety of developmentally appropriate topics. We meet weekly with all of our clusters to discuss cluster concerns. We meet with children both individually and in small groups to target intervention for a variety of issues. 
Please note that counseling sessions are confidential and we maintain this confidentiality for all who come through our office.

A counselor has many jobs. Take a look below to see what it is that we do:

* Teach developmental counseling lessons for all cluster classes at different points throughout the year.
* See students in small groups or on an individual basis as needed (topics may include bereavement, divorce, social skills, relationships, study skills, anger management, etc).
* Confer with cluster teachers at formal cluster meetings on a weekly basis
* Informally confer with staff on a daily basis.
* Counsel students regarding below average grades and make a plan for improvement.
* Contact parents as needed and attend parent conferences.
* Schedule all students.
* Make necessary scheduling changes.
* Meet with parents as needed to assist with any concerns.
* Refer parents to community resources if needed.
* Confer with other mental health professionals.
* Attend Pupil Planning Team (PPT) meetings for any special services that a student may have.
* Provide parents with additional resources via our website links.
* Assist teachers with interventions for academic, behavioral, social/emotional concerns.
* Assist students with applications for private high schools.
* Assist students with their transition to Newtown High School.
* Act as a resource of information to staff and parents.
* Orient and register all new students.
* Plan and organize Career Day for 8th grade students.
* Administer an electronic Career Interest survey to all 8th grade students.
* Case manager for all students with 504 plans. 
* Organize a transition day to orient Reed students to the Middle School. 
Tips from the Newtown Recovery Team
Resources for Parents and Students

 Please click on any of the images below to read the articles.  All articles are in PDF Format.
 Tips for Families on Addressing the Anniversary  Helping Your Family Cope - For Parents      
 Tips for Parents on Media Coverage  Tips for Relaxation      
 When Terrible Things Happen for Students        
As part of the district initiative to develop Student Success Plans, we are introducing students to the Naviance Program. This program will enable each student to maintain an electronic portfolio of his or her work. We are very excited about this opportunity because it is used at our high school with great success! Naviance is an excellent way to share information between students, teachers and their parents. Students and parents can login by clicking on the Naviance logo above. To view the introduction letter that students brought home, please click here
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Private School Application Process
Private School Application Process

The Middle School uses this form to help students and teachers ensure that private school recommendations are completed in a timely way. It is the student’s responsibility to complete this form for EACH school he or she applies to and attach it to every recommendation given to the counselor and teachers. Recommendations and transcripts will be mailed directly to the school. 
Please note that recommendations will take 14 days to process and should be given to your teacher at least 14 days prior to the school’s application deadline. Unfortunately, any recommendations that do not allow for the proper amount of time may not reach the school before the deadline. Students can click on the form above to download it or they can get copies in the School Counseling Office. Please remember that the more information you share on this form, the more detailed your recommendation will be! If you have any questions or concerns. please do not hesitate to contact your counselor or teacher. Thank you! 
New Student Registration
Registering a New Student

Welcome to Newtown!! The counseling department will be glad to assist you with the registration process and to help transition your child to our school. Parents should call or stop by the Counseling Office if you would like to receive a paper registration packet. You can also visit out district website and create an account through InfoSnap by clicking here. If you have a copy of your child's previous report card, please include that as well, as it is helpful when determining scheduling and placement. Before your child can begin attending school, there are two forms of documentation that we must receive:

1) As per district policy, proof of residency is required at the time of registration. This may include:                                                   

  • Copy of Contract; or
  • Copy of Lease; or
  • Builders Agreement; or
  • Three proofs of residency; including utility bills, cable bills or bank statements with name and address on it (post office boxes are not acceptable proof)                                                                                                                 
                        2) Newtown Middle School's Nurse must also clear you medically, meaning that you have completed the necessary medical forms included in the registration packet and our nurses have confirmed that your child meets CT guidelines for attending school. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Nurse's Office directly at (203) 426 - 7636.

In terms of orientation, any student who has begun the registration process and will be new to 7th grade in the Fall, will be invited to a new student orientation with the Reed Intermediate students in April from approximately 8:30-10:45.  During this time, you will be given a tour of the school and will have an opportunity to ask questions. Any student entering NMS after the school year has begun, will be given a personal orientation by one of the School Counselors after we have received the initial paperwork and proof of residency has been established.  Please call the Counseling Office to make an appointment and to request registration materials at (203) 426-7644.